Model S English horn

The Fossati S English horn has a bore with a small cone. Its bell has a pronounced pear shape. The tone holes have a very small diameter with a bell shaped under cut. The combination of these factors gives the Fossati S English horn a greater range of sound. The homogeneous timbre and the stable intonation give the Fossati S English horn a supple, present sound.



  • Grenadilla wood body
  • Platinum-plated keys and posts


  • Conservatory System
  • Lowest note: B
  • F key for left hand
  • Eb for the left and right hand
  • Ab for the left and right hand
  • 3rd octave key
  • Forked F vent
  • Forked E vent
  • Forked A vent
  • Articulated B-C# mechanism
  • Gillet key
  • Ab-Bb key
  • Split ring D key
  • Tuning for the opening of the C low key
  • Tuning for the opening of the C# medium key
  • D&C# trill keys
  • Cork pads on all keys with the exception of leather
  • pads on the low Bb, B and C.

Fossati Innovation's

  • Double tenon ring
  • 2nd octave stop


  • Long F# plate
  • Adjustable thumb rest


  • Luxury leather case with cover
  • Thumb rest wrench
  • Swab
  • Reed Case


  • Abs Upper joint
  • Violet and cocobolo wood bodies are available as special orders at an additional cost.


Fossati EH S Specification Sheet (pdf)


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