Fossati Bocals

The focus throughout the development of the Fossati bocal line was to craft bocals that do not hinder the vibration of the reed. Each bocal is drilled from a solid piece of brass so that there is no seam to interrupt the even transmission of the reed’s vibration.

 The thickness of the plating ensures a round sound and ease to playing in the low register. Fossati bocals are available in silver and gold plating. By comparison the gold plating provides an increased ease in playing and a brighter, more present sound.

 The bocal is corked so that it fits exactly in the reed well. There is no excess cork exceeding the socket, with the idea of not blocking vibration. The top of the bocal is carefully scored to define the amount of bocal that makes contact with the reed’s staple. If the reed sits too far on the bocal the top of the instruments range looses its roundness. If too little of the bocal is inside the reed the instrument looses volume.

 Fossati has three bocal styles. The Fossati S and W bocals are the longer length bocals. The S and W are the same length but the S is slightly more open than the W. Offering two bore designs allow for musicians to select a bocal that best suits their preferred reed style. The sound quality remains the same between the S and W, but the resistance and volume of air required changes. 

 The Fossati H bocal is a shorter bocal, designed to play higher in pitch. This bocal is best suited for instances that requires a player to accommodate a pitch above A=440 or a cold performance environment. The size and volume of the English horn makes raising the pitch of the instrument challenging. The H bocal is the solution to this issue.

 Fossati bocals are designed to compliment all of the Fossati and Tiery English horn models. As the conduit for vibration from the reed to the instrument, Fossati bocals maximize the production of a round, even timbre at every dynamic.

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