Bassoon Reeds


Our beginner reeds are specifically designed for developing embouchures. We use soft cane to make these reeds flexible, but leave the tip thicker in the hopes that they will be more durable for students that are still learning to care for their reeds. The proportions are carefully balance to for even tuning and characteristic tone.

(RCB001) $18.00

Three Pack of Beginner Reeds (12% Savings)

(RCB004) $47.50


For students we strengthening embouchures, we have our intermediate reeds. These reeds are made from more dense cane, for a more present sound, and a slightly thinner tip to help foster student's control over subtle tuning and tone changes.

Three Pack of Intermediate Reeds (12% Savings)

(RCB005) $47.50


For the experienced bassoonists we have our thinnest, most flexible option, our Advanced reed. These reeds are constructed from our densest cane with a thin gouge to created a responsive reed with a present, full timbre.

(RCB003) $20.00

Oboe Reeds

Beginner Reeds

Our beginner reeds are specifically designed for developing embouchures. The use of softer cane allows for easy response so that the player can concentrate on using a fast, consistent airstream without the feeling of needing to use to much embouchure pressure. The proportions ensure consistent tuning and a well rounded timbre.

(RCO001) $18.00

Three Pack of Beginner Reeds

(RCO004) $47.50

Intermediate Reeds

For players that have a defined embouchure and well supported airstream, our intermediate reeds have a thinner tip for more flexibility. Slight adjustments to the proportions of the sections of the reed allow for more resistance, which allows players more control over longer phrases.

(RCO002) $18.00

Intermediate Three Pack

(RCO005) $47.50

Advanced Reeds

Our most refined reed creates a deep rich timbre, with easy response and a flexibility throughout the instrument's range.

(RCO003) $20.00

Not sure what reeds to try? Please contact us for a recommendation!




Bassoon Tube Cane

Rigotti Tube Cane

(BTC002) $24

Bassoon Prepared Cane

All of our Bassoon Cane is processed in-house. If you have questions about the canes specifications please feel free to contact us.

Gouged Bassoon Cane


Gouged & Shaped
Gouged, Shaped & Profiled
Oboe Tube Cane

Rigotti Tube Cane


Oboe Prepared Cane

Our Rigotti Gouged cane is processed by the grower. The Shaped cane is process in-house with the RDG -1 Shape.

Gouged Oboe Cane
  Gouged, Shaped & Folded